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Since 1731 the ZWILLING J.A. HENCKELS TWIN© icon has symbolized the best in premium cutlery.
Today, the ZWILLING® family of prestige culinary brands includes everything necessary to carry a chef's inspiration from the kitchen to the table.


Translated from English to German "TWIN" = "ZWILLING" and since 1731 our twins have become the global symbol of excellence representing the best in German culinary design and precision manufacturing. The legacy of our brand began with premium knives and now includes a complete product range for the discerning professional chef and for those whose gourmet passion requires the best.

To keep our ZWILLING® portfolio innovative and stylish we collaborate with authorities such as architect and designer Matteo Thun and master blade-smith Bob Kramer to develop leading edge products that combine advanced technology, premium materials and the artistry of craftsmanship into functional forms.


There are a number of premium cutlery series to choose from. Each features a distinctive style, weight and balance to ensure a comfortable fit for every hand size. Our latest innovative series feature a contoured bolster, improving the transition from handle to blade for perfect balance and control, guiding the hand into a secure pinch grip. Wedge shaped blades simplify cutting techniques and allow for better rocking / chopping motions. Found on the Pro, 1731 and Profection series, you'll "pinch-it" like a pro.


ZWILLING® offers a variety of cookware styles each supported with features that focus on delivering the performance of a culinary leader. Choose from classic North American multi-ply SIGMA Clad or avant-garde European styles incorporating our innovative SIGMABOND® encapsulated aluminum construction. With ergonomic handles for comfortable control, every pot and pan is designed to provide chefs a joyful cooking experience on all cooktop surfaces.


There are a variety of designs available to enable meal preparation in comfort and style. Choose from 18/10 stainless steel or sure-grip handles to whisk, flip, scoop or sift your way through any culinary obstacle. From peelers to meat tenderizers, can openers to melon scoops or spice mills we have everything to complete the professional kitchen.


Choose from innovative solid core or chic hollow handle designs all crafted from 18/10 stainless steel to make every meal a reason to celebrate.



An Expression of Great Taste Inside and Out!

If you are in search of a truly authentic and emotional connection to food, Staub has the cooking and presentation vessels for you.

Inspired from a desire to stimulate the culinary imagination of gourmet chefs, our craftsmen produce traditional French enamelled cast iron and ceramic cookware for the ultimate comfort food experience.

Made exclusively in France, Staub vessels feature vibrant coloured glazes in assorted shapes, sizes and functions; each piece an expression of the artisan. Acknowledged as the optimal platform for slow-cooking, the material density of cast iron retains and redistributes heat evenly.

Our innovative black matte enamel interior is ideal for braising and the unique spikes on our iconic flat lid provide the perfect surface to induce self-basting flavour enhancement.

From the large 12.6 L to mini 0.25 L La Cocotte pots, the Staub assortment fulfills oven to table solutions in black or majestic colours.

Each piece is adorned with a steel or brass knob and can even be accessorized with decorative figurines to provide further artistic expression. Also available are a collection of fry pans, grills, sauté pans, woks, fondue pots and presentation pieces in various shapes and sizes.

Today Staub cookware provides an enamelled cast iron or ceramic answer to complement every setting and meal ~ appetizer, entrée and dessert!



MIYABI. The Beauty of Sharpness

Grace, elegance and sophistication are characteristics embodied throughout Japanese culture, now synonymous with the brand Miyabi.

The graceful nature of traditional Japanese cuisine led to the development of unique cutting movements and the specialized knives needed to produce delicate, bite-sized meals. Seki, Japan has been the formal epicenter of the knife industry since the 14th century and is the home of the Miyabi factory.

Developed under the watchful eye of legendary Iron Chef Japan Rokusaburo Michiba and endorsed by Iron Chef America Masaharu Morimoto, Miyabi knives epitomize the traditions and craftsmanship of Japanese sword makers in producing an extraordinary product. The Miyabi collections offer authentic Japanese blade shapes crafted from premium steel compositions, layered in exotic damask style patterns then hardened, tempered and honed for extraordinary sharpness. A choice of Japanese or modern handles in traditional or exotic materials enable a comfortable fit for the culinary techniques of a global audience.

Miyabi, gorgeous knives that will fascinate from the first cut.

MIYABI 6000 Artisan

The blades' dazzling, highly polished "Tsuchime" or hammered finish envelops the premium high-density microcarbide MC63 cutting core in the latest series of the Miyabi assortment. Completing the sophisticated style is a new handle shape of beautiful Cocobolo Pakkawood.

MIYABI 5000 Birchwood / Kaizen

100 alternating layers of steel form exquisite flower damask patterns as they encapsulate the MC63 core of the 5000MCD-B series. The 5000 range is further defined by its traditional "D" shaped handles adorned in Birchwood or linen Micarta.


A reflection of the culinary genius of Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto, this series is a fusion of Japanese blade forms with Western balance and handle styling for the perfect East-meets-West knife design.



Introducing Ballarini Cookware, the leading aluminum cookware brand founded in Lombardy, Italy in 1889, is ZWILLING J.A. Henckels? latest addition to its prestigious family of brands. Offering a wide range of high-quality aluminum cookware at an exceptional price, the brand?s products are designed and manufactured to the same legendary standards as all ZWILLING J.A. Henckels? products. Made in the culinary  epicenter of Europe, Ballarini?s products have been tested and recommended by some of the top kitchens in Italy.



Professional chefs know that each specific cooking function has distinct demands on the pot used.

Only Demeyere provides the solution.

Demeyere is the pioneer of technology based cookware that enhances performance through superior construction, using the most advantageous materials to optimize heat distribution enabling a chef more control of the cooking process. Our premium assortments vary in product composition to address the cooking need. When all-encompassing controlled heat is required, as in fry pans or conical saucepans, we utilize a 7 layer aluminum clad construction.

When heat needs to be focused to encourage an efficient rapid boil, the ultimate construction is a 7 layer encapsulated base with a core of high performance silver and copper. We also offer a more economical 5 layer clad construction option and all product benefit from our exclusive Silvinox® finish for a sheen that lasts better than any polished surface!

In addition to superior and innovative technologies, the Demeyere difference extends to the aesthetics of product presentation.

Working with internationally renowned designers results in collections that are fresh, beautiful and stylish; all developed to create culinary masterpieces.

Manufactured in Belgium.



J.A. HENCKELS INTERNATIONAL brand was established in 1895 to provide consumers kitchen knives at an exceptional value. Today, the Halberdier (single man logo) stands watching over an extensive assortment of kitchen products to satisfy everyone from the novice cook to the experienced hobby chef.

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